Тара и упаковка

Size and weight of the wooden drums

Type of drumАCDBWeight of drum (kg)
10 1000 545 500 646 80
12 1220 650 500 650 110
12а 1220 650 710 864 130
14 1400 750 710 875 155
16а 1600 800 800 970 295
18 У 1800 1120 900 1120 520
18а У 1800 900 900 1120 520
20 У 2000 1220 1000 1250 805

Marking rules

Marking of cables comply with the requirements of GOST 18690-82, GOST R 53315-2009 and the specifications.

Cables shall be marked evenly over the entire length.

The marking must be clearly applied to the outer sheath. Marking should be applied at intervals of 1 m. The marking must be wear-resistant and be maintained throughout the entire warranty period of the cable. It is allowed to replace uppercase letters with lowercase.

The accuracy of marking should be no worse than 1%. The marking should contain the following information:

  • Linear meter of cable length;
  • Year of manufacture;
  • Full or abbreviated name of the manufacturer;
  • Cable designation.

At the request of the customer, additional information can be entered in the cable marking.

In the documentation for the cable and on the drum, the marking must comply with GOST 45.02-97.

On the outside of the drum or a tag attached to it, shall be indicated:

  • Manufacturer name;
  • Drum serial number;
  • Cable symbol
  • Construction length in meters;
  • Gross mass in kilograms;
  • Designations of these specifications;
  • Production dates (year, month).

Each drum should also be provided: designation by an arrow of a direction in which it is allowed to roll a drum; the inscription "do not lay flat";

In the passport on the cable, placed in a waterproof bag attached to the inner surface of the drum, shall be indicated:

  • Production date;
  • Cable brand;
  • Construction length;
  • Factory number;
  • Type of drum;
  • Gross weight, net weight;
  • Optical fiber manufacturer;
  • Refractive indices for the corresponding wavelengths;
  • Value of electrical resistance of external insulation;
  • Sequence of guide cordels, if any;
  • Attenuation coefficients of each fiber at the corresponding wavelengths;
  • Operator’s name who performed the measurement;
  • Designation of these specifications.

Packaging Requirements

Packing of cables must comply with the requirements of GOST 18690-82.

Cables shall be delivered on drums with a neck diameter of at least 40 nominal cable diameters of one building length.

The ends of the building lengths of the cable shall be provided with a hermetic seal, which prevents the penetration of liquid and gas into the cable. The inner end of the cable, at least 2 m long, must be brought out onto the cheek of the drum and protected from external mechanical influences.

Requirements for completeness

Package Included:

  • Cable on drums (one construction length on one drum);
  • Passport for each construction length of the cable (at the request of the customer in 2 copies);
  • Installation instructions (electronic or print version).