OKV-RDB (Xpress-Drop)


  • The cable is used to connect subscribers using FTTH technology in apartment buildings and cottage villages, inter-unit connection.
OKV-RDB (Xpress-Drop)
  1. Tight-buffered optical fiber
  2. PBT loose tube with water blocking yarns
  3. Aramid yarns
  4. Protective jacket
(8342) 473-813, 480-299
Number of fibers1
Nominal overall diameter, mm from 1
Total mass of cable , kg/km 30
Temperature range of operation, °С
-60… +70
Temperature range of installation, °С
Not lower then -10
Minimal bending radius
not less than 10 diameters
15 years
Guarantee exploitation
2 years after putting in operation, not more than 2,5 years from shipping date
Tensile strength
not less than 0,05 kN
Crush strength
not less than 2,0 kN/100 mm