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Saranskkabel-Opticа,Ltd – is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of fiber-optic cable. Saranskkabel-Opticа, LTD has been operating on the market since 2000. It is one of the industrial enterprises of Group of Companies «Optikenergo», which consists of 20 companies of various types of activity, including 5 factories.

The production of Saranskkabel-Opticа, Ltd is located in Russia, in Saransk city. Four workshops of the company have total area of 15.000 m², equipped by 40 production lines. The potential volume of production is about 100 000 km of optical cable per year.

Saranskkabel-Opticа, Ltd produces the whole range of fiber-optic cables, used in trunk and local telecommunication networks.

The company has a unique, more than 10 years experience in producing OPGW cables. It was the first who started producing OPGW in Russia. During this time, about 50.000 km of OPGW cables has been delivered to the country's most important energy facilities.

Another unique product for the power industry is an optical cable combined with self-supporting insulated wire, which has advantages and economic benefits. This is a hybrid cable, which allows both the transmission of electricity and data transmission.

Saranskkabel-Opticа, Ltd also has leading position in production of non-insulated wires for power lines: AAC, ACSR.

In 2019 the company began producing U/UTP cables category 5E (LAN- cables) for external and internal installation.

The quality of the products is ensured by the quality management system that meets the interstate standard GOST R ISO 9001-2015.

Currently, the company has manufactured and shipped to consumers more than 500,000 km of cable. Over 6,000,000 km of optical fiber have been processed. Аccording to the results of 2021, Saranskkabel-Opticа, Ltd is the second largest producer of fiber-optic cable in Russia.

Sales markets are stretched from the western regions of the country to the Pacific Ocean. The company delivers its products to more than 70 regions of Russia, as well as to neighboring countries.

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