OKV-RD US (огнестойкий)


  • OKV-RD-...US cables are designed for laying and operation inside buildings, for laying in trays, corridors, shafts in group laying in the presence of particularly high fire safety requirements. The cable is fireproof, retains its serviceability when exposed to flame at a temperature of not less than 750°C for 180 minutes.
  1. Optical fiber in buffer coating
  2. Glass fibers
  3. Intermediate sheath
  4. Protective sheath
(8342) 473-813, 480-299
Number of fibers 1-24
Nominal overall diameter, mm 9,5-15,2
Total mass of cable, kg/km 94-231
Tensile forceе
not less than 2.0 kN
Crushing force
not less than 0,5 kN/100 mm

Temperature range of operation, °С: -60… +70

Temperature range of installation, °С: -10… +70

Minimal bending radius: not less than 10 diameters

Lifetime: 15 years