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Fiber optic cable:
Fiber optic cable incorporated in ground wire:
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«Saranskkabel-Optika», Ltd  in the production of fiber-optic cable uses only high-quality and proven materials on the world market of European and Russian manufacturers, that allows to satisfy the most demanding customers and prolongs the exploitation time fiber-optic products.

Polybutyleneterephthalate (PBT) for the manufacture of optical modules

DuPont, Germany

Polyethylene for the manufacture of protective jackets

Borealis Polymers, Denmark

Condor Compaunds,Germany

DSM Desotech bv, The Netherlands

Grafe GmbH, Germany

PolyOne, USA

FRP ( fiber reinforced plastic) rod


Cousin Composites,France

Twaron ®, Akzo Nobel,The Netherlands

 Intramodular hydrofob


Unilate, England

Unilate, England

Unigel, England

Unigel, England

Polypropylene wrapping tape

Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KG,Austria

Steel laminated tape to fix the stranding

The Dow Chemical Company

Steel wire

Cherepovets SteelFactory, Russia