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Административное здание Сарансккабель-Оптика Абаев Рашид Рафикович

I am glad to welcome you on the website of «Saranskkabel-Optika»,Ltd - one of the leading Russian companies producing fiber-optic cables.

«Saranskkabel-Optika»,Ltd was founded in 1998 on the basis of Saranskkabel, JSC. Since 2000 «Sаranskkabel-Optika», Ltd is one of the leading Russian companies producing fiber-optic cable for all types of installation. These are cables for indoor installation and suitable by pulling or air blowing; for installation in cable ducts, for direct burial installation including areas subjected to congelation; ADSS, OPGW, 8-shaped cable for suspension on urban lighting pillars and contact network of electric transport. We use the equipment of the Swiss-Finnish Company NEXTROM, Nexans, Bartell Machinery Systems LLS and materials of producers proven on the world market, such as: Corning Inc, Borealis Polymers, Condor Compaunds, DuPont and others.

Since 2007 «Saranskkabel-Optika»,Ltd has mastered industrial production of optical ground wire ( OPGW). The specialized equipment: three installed production lines UNIWEMA 5L OPGW for stainless steel tubes with optical fibers and two planetary stranders Bartell Machinery Systems LLC ( USA – Canada ) are located in the shop of total square 3 000 sq.m. Since the beginning of OPGW manufacturing more than 40 000 km of cable has already been produced and put into operation without complaints from the customer. We continue to supervise the work of our OPGW cable during exploitation.

The third shop ( 3 600 sq.m) of fiber bundle extraction type cable manufacturing ( for PON network) was put into operation in 2012. The capacity of this shop also allows to increase the volume of OPGW cable production.

More than 160 000 km of a cable were made and shipped to consumer since the factory foundation. More than 3 200 000 km of fiber have been processed.

Sales markets of production stretch from western regions of a country to the Pacific Ocean. Large volumes of cable are delivered to neighborhood countries. General consumers of our products are the greatest telecommunication and energetic companies such as OJSС «ROSTELECOM», JSC «VIMPELCOM», JSC «MTS», JSC «FSC EES», JSC «TRANSNEFT».

We offer to our customers only certified products, which have been tested by time. Our cables have more than 70 certificates, declarations of compliance and patents. Quality Management System has been tested and was certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (GOST R ISO 9001-2008). Two certificates in systems AFNOR and IQNet are obtained as a result of the international certification.

I hasten to inform you that the official office of Opticenergo ( Opticenergo GmbH) was opened in Western Europe. The address is Buchtalstrasse 91, 72461 Albstadt, Deutschland.

Moving forward, modify cable constructions, increasing production volume without reducing the quality are our plans for the future.

I suggest you to consider in detail our production and hope to see you in the list of our constant customers of fiber optic cable.

Director of «Saranskkabel-Optika»   Rashid Abaev